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Laserbrænding af læderbolde

Laserengraving of logo
Produktnummer 12011160
Lieferbar Lieferbar
Lieferzeit2-5 tage
Preis 20,50 €
Mit MwSt., ohne Versandkosten
Laserbrænding af læderbolde
Laserbrænding af læderbolde
Laserbrænding af læderbolde
Laserbrænding af læderbolde

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Have your teamlogo laserengraved in your footballs

We will engrave the logo directly on the footballs, it can help reduce the number of missing footballs

When you order select number of footballs (leather only) on which you want the logo, you can mix and match, so 3x1005 plus 7x1300 is 10 engravings of the same logo.

The logo measures 7x7 cm

The logo should be sent to ballerup@outlet.dk in BMP format or AI format in B/W

We will adjust the price when the order is made. Remember to order so number of balls and engravings match
Small = 1-2 balls 20,5 € a piece 
Medium = 3-9 bolde 14 € a piece
Large = 10-20 bolde 7 € a piece
X-Large = +20 bolde 3,5 € a piece
(price EXCLUSIVE footballs)


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