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Riddell Revolution Speed XL

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Riddell Revolution Speed XL
Riddell Revolution Speed XL
Riddell Revolution Speed XL

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The Riddell Revolution Speed is a very popular helmet that is often seen on the best athletes. The Revolution Speed has Overliner/Flexliner technology which the cheaper Riddell helmets have not. Flexliner are designed for many different types of head shapes, for better stability and comfort. Overliner is a removable, moisture-resistant liner cover with antimicrobial properties built to protect the product as well as providing comfort and stability.


Important: Please note that Facemasks are not included with the purchase of helmets, but a chin strap is included.


After you have bought your new helmet you will have to use a Riddell helmet pump to pump the inflation bulb. You can buy a Riddell helmet pump with Glycerin in our webshop or maybe you can borrow one from your team.



Riddell Size Chart

Get help to your Helmet

Press play on the video to get instructions on meassurement and fitting.


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