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Gear2000 Z-COOL Pro-Tec QB/DB/WR Pro Select

Quarterbacks, Defensive Backs and Wide Receivers shoulderpad
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Gear2000 Z-COOL Pro-Tec QB/DB/WR Pro Select

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The Gear2000 Z-Cool Adult QB/WR Pro-Select Football Shoulder Pads feature Z-Cool technology which provides 3-D air flow and eliminates odors while keeping you cool and comfortable.  Athletes should experience faster cooling with less sweat loss.  Extremely lightweight, these shoulder pads are 35% lighter than traditional pads and come standard with air release clavicle pads and an adjustable deltoid pad system.  Super lightweight for skilled players including quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensive backs.


GEAR PRO-TEC size guide

Get help to your Shoulderpad

Press play on the video to get instructions on meassurement and fitting.


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